2022 Bills

Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program Expanded in Utah

Having a child with special needs can be trying for families, especially when it comes to school. Parents worry about their special needs children finding the right class or remembering to bring all their homework or school supplies home. Parents rely on siblings to help.

The Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship was set up two years ago by Representative Mike Schultz. It is designed to help families of special needs students find an education that works for the student. But a problem existed. The families could not afford to send the siblings of these students to the same school.

Families were left to decide if the benefits from a specialized education or the support from siblings were more important. The right answer is allowing for both.

Senate Bill 62 from Senator Lincoln Fillmore solved this dilemma for families accepting the scholarship. This bill expanded eligibility to include qualifying students to be scholarship recipients. 

The bill continues to emphasize special needs students and that will always be a priority, but families no longer have to choose between sibling support and educational opportunities for their children.