Our History

Utah was historically known as a state where self-reliance, industry, and freedom were commonplace. The past century has tempered those ideals and in many cases replaced them outright with dependence and nanny statism. With the rise of an oppressive, out-of-control federal government, Utah and its citizens have steadily surrendered their independence and individual liberty. Along the way, Utah’s own government has become riddled with anti-liberty policies and programs.

Libertas Institute was founded by Connor Boyack in 2011 to work against this destructive trend. Previous to our establishment no organization comprehensively and consistently advocated for personal freedom, property rights, free markets, and equal justice—necessary pillars upon which moral government must be based.

Libertas Institute is a non-political, non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization and accepts no money from the government. Libertas is supported solely by contributions from private individuals, foundations, and businesses. Donate today!