Chad Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer

Chad Thomas is the Chief Marketing Officer, Tuttle Twins for Libertas Institute. In this role, he leads all marketing functions to help advance the Tuttle Twins series as a renowned and formidable consumer brand, helping to educate the rising generation and their families about entrepreneurship, individual liberty, free speech, personal responsibility, and more.

Chad has been with Libertas Institute since 2022 and has previously held the roles of Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Director of Global Marketing, and Creative Director for several multinational consumer brands and media companies. He was instrumental in brand positioning, market research, team development, and creative strategy leading to highly successful product launches, brand awareness, and growth. He served as a regular presenter at corporate events and values design, storytelling, creative process, and team culture.

A native of Chicago and Salt Lake City, Chad received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Utah and an MBA from Idaho State University. Chad and his wife Hillary are the parents of three children and live in Idaho Falls, Idaho with their two dogs, two cats, twelve chickens, and two horses.

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