Daniel Woislaw

Constitutional Attorney

Daniel Woislaw is a constitutional lawyer specializing in privacy, property rights, and the separation of powers. In addition to being an affiliated scholar with Libertas Institute, he is a full-time attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation where he litigates constitutional cases of public importance in state and federal courts across the country.

Previously, as a public defender, he represented adults and juveniles charged with incarcerable offenses in southern Virginia trial courts, often litigating important constitutional questions drawn from the Bill of Rights. He graduated magna cum laude from The Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University where he was the senior research editor for the Civil Rights Law Journal.

Daniel has published scholarly works and filed amicus briefs with state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, on constitutional issues including the Fifth Amendment right to just compensation for government takings, the Fourth Amendment right to privacy, and sovereign immunity.

Daniel was inspired from a young age by Boston’s patriot lawyers John Adams and James Otis who tirelessly fought for the right to be secure against government intrusions of homes and other private spaces. Aside from liberty and the law, Daniel’s passions include cooking and overly-complicated board games. He currently resides with his wife, young daughter, and two small dogs in Central Texas where a painting of James Otis arguing The Writs of Assistance Case sits behind him on his office wall.

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