2023 Bills

HB 260: Increased Property Tax Relief

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Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it aligns with our principles and should therefore be passed into law.

One result of nearly every home in Utah doubling in value from 2015 to 2022 is an increase in property tax paid by residents. While Utah’s property tax system prevents spikes in home values from dramatically increasing property taxes, property taxes have still increased at rates that are burdensome for many residents, especially the elderly with fixed incomes.For low-income seniors and surviving spouses, the state of Utah and its counties have two similar tax credit programs to ease the burden. The so-called “Circuit Breaker” programs are designed to help prevent the elderly from losing their homes simply because home values have skyrocketed due to the housing shortage.

To address the fact that this program’s income thresholds have not kept up with inflation, Representative Joel Briscoe is sponsoring House Bill 260. His bill appropriately increases the income thresholds and unlocks property tax relief for those in greatest need.

Tracker Summary:

This bill increases the income thresholds necessary to qualify for two of Utah’s Property Tax Relief programs.

Libertas Institute supports this bill. Low-income seniors should not be at risk of losing their home simply because home values have skyrocketed due to the housing shortage.