2018 Bills

HB 82: Protecting the Rights of College Students

This bill failed in the House Judiciary Committee. 

Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it is aligned with our principles and merits support.

With a growing climate of intolerance, college students across the state have had their rights unconstitutionally trampled on. With high stakes of scholarship revocation or expulsion looming over their head, students `often feel compelled to comply with their university when they receive an unfair or unfounded punishment. State laws currently lack in protecting students rights.

Representative Kim Coleman is sponsoring House Bill 82 to fix this problem. This bill requires universities to allow student organizations, students who are accused of breaking school policies, and alleged student victims to have legal defense throughout all student disciplinary proceedings. This bill also increases evidence transparency for everyone involved in a policy violation, while prohibiting certain conflicts of interest during the disciplinary proceeding. Cause of action is also established by this bill to help provide students with increased legal protection if they decide to pursue legal action against their school.

Any time the legislature has an opportunity to further protect the rights of a vulnerable population, it is imperative they do so. This bill accomplishes increased legal protection and transparency for college students involved in accusations of policy violations. It also requires colleges to be more equitable and neutral when it comes to conflict investigation and resolutions.