2021 Bills

SB 209: Helping Utah Embrace the Future of Work

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Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it aligns with our principles and should therefore be passed into law.

The gig economy is one of the most promising sectors for Utah over the coming decade. From driving cars for Uber to renting out one’s home for a period of time to visitors, the gig economy provides endless opportunities for Utahns. It was not always that way. Originally, when Uber and Lyft arrived in the state, they clashed with regulators constantly until the law was fixed.

The internet has been a key factor in opening up opportunities to work for countless Utahns in a variety of ways. The gig economy will play a vital role in ensuring that people looking for work always have an opportunity to find it.

It is important that Utah embraces the future of work, and embodies the principles of a person’s right to work by empowering a work-friendly environment that is aware of the future.

Senator Dan McCay is sponsoring Senate Bill 209 this session to expand the worker classification laws to ensure that companies that are only serving as a matchmaker to provide Utahns with opportunities for work are not accidentally or incorrectly identified as employers if the work being done is not in the service of the platform.

This clarification in the law is critical for Utah to continue on the path to being a state that generates countless opportunities for its workforce to earn a living.