Answering the Basic Question: How Do I Get Involved?

Are you frustrated with the state of affairs in Utah? Do you feel that your opinions and beliefs are not being represented? Perhaps you have a policy idea that you’d like to see implemented.

Whatever your background and interest, here are a few simple steps to follow that will get you involved in Utah politics:

  • Follow the #utpol hashtag on Twitter, where legislators, journalists, activists, and everyday citizens chime in on local issues.
  • Sign up for the Salt Lake Tribune’s Political Cornflakes—an email sent each weekday morning summarizing some of the key news from the previous day. Email to subscribe.
  • Figure out who your state Senator and Representative are. (Use this tool to find out.) From there you can see their index scores (how well they support liberty) and look up their contact information. Send them an email (be sure to tell them that you’re their constituent so they’ll pay better attention) and share what’s on your mind.
  • Follow state legislators on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Follow a local political body (e.g. city council, planning commission) or state agency using the Public Meeting Notice website. You can subscribe via RSS or email listserv to be notified regarding upcoming meetings.
  • Get your name out there! Start a blog or write a letter to the editor. Here’s how to submit to each paper (only choose one per letter):
  • Join the Libertas Institute newsletter email list, where we’ll send periodic updates about important issues in the state.
  • Bookmark our bill tracker, where you can follow important legislation during Utah’s part-time session (January to March).

Do you have a specific policy or project in mind that you’d like to see happen? We’d love to hear your ideas and get you involved! Contact us here.