Fourth Poll Shows Majority Support for Medical Marijuana

A newly released Dan Jones poll shows sustained public support for legalizing medical marijuana.

According to the poll, 61% of Utahns support legalization—with the strongest numbers coming in from senior citizens.

These numbers are generally consistent with previous polls conducted on the issue over the past year. A poll commissioned by our organization in February, and conducted by Y2 Analytics, indicated that 72% of likely voters felt that doctors should be allowed to recommend cannabis as a treatment option for serious illnesses.

A poll conducted in March by Dan Jones found that 66% of Utahns supported legalization of medical marijuana under a doctor’s supervision. These numbers show an increase in support from a Salt Lake Tribune poll the year prior that indicated 51% support.

That increasing number is ostensibly due to the rising public awareness of the many beneficial uses of the cannabis plant for a variety of conditions, and the willingness of some patients to openly explain their precarious medical situation—and illegal cannabis use.

While a competing CBD-only bill has now been filed, it is unlikely that the same public support exists for a limited option that prohibits THC, threatens sick Utahns with fines and jail time, and denies doctors a beneficial treatment option that their patients need.