Libertas Institute Announces New Director of Development

Libertas Institute announces its latest hire—our new director of development: Chris Jones!

Chris Jones joins Libertas after a lengthy stint in the private sector as branch manager at City First Mortgage Services. Over a thirty-year career in and out of politics, Chris has been involved in public policy and election campaigning at every level of the political scene.

Growing up just outside Washington D.C., Chris was traipsing through the halls of Congress from the time he could walk. His first summer job—when he was thirteen—was as an intern at the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee under Mitch Daniels, now Governor of Indiana. He also worked at the Heritage Foundation and United Families of America before spending two years behind the Iron Curtain in Hungary.

Chris graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Classics. His battlefield political experience includes a city council race, two terms as legislative district chair, a run for state legislature, three congressional campaigns, the Gary Herbert for Governor campaign and a stint as National Field Director of the Alan Keyes presidential campaign in 2000.

A prolific writer, Chris is the author of two books on marketing communications (one an Amazon top 25 honoree) and dozens of essays on political theory and policy, including the 2013 Libertas Essay Contest winner. He now resides in Lehi with his wife Jeanette and their eight children.

Curious to know more? Send Chris an email at