Libertas Institute Hires Longtime Advocate of Liberty as Director of Development

Libertas Institute is excited to announce our new director of development, Bryan Hyde.

A longtime supporter of the Institute’s work, Bryan has helped broadcast our challenges and successes to a loyal radio audience in southern Utah since our inception. His joining our team marks the conclusion of a successful, 20+ year career in talk radio.

Like many commentators, Bryan started out as a red meat thrower. However, as patient friends and mentors exposed him to the principles of liberty, he recognized that anger alone would never be enough to convey its value. To this end, he became a seeker of truth and voice of reason specializing in helping his listeners better understand the world around them and then utilize their influence starting where they were currently standing.

Liberty and the need to break free from partisan shackles became common themes of Bryan’s program and weekly columns. His ability to discuss highly polarizing topics without becoming contentious has spurred deeper discussion throughout his audience. He encouraged his audience to think more deeply and take ownership of their worldview, whether they agreed or not.

Through building relationships and earning the trust of his readers and listeners, he persuaded many minds that had been closed like a steel trap to slowly begin to open.

Bryan has followed the efforts of Libertas Institute since its inception and has had the privilege of lending his voice to some of their early materials. He’s overjoyed to add his voice and his passion for liberty to the efforts of the Libertas staff.

Bryan’s role will involve fundraising, networking, grant writing, and more.

To contact him, please email