Education Empowerment

Education Choice a Solution to Changing School Boundaries?

Heartbroken. Devastated. These are the words that one mother used to describe her and her children’s feelings over the school closures coming to Alpine School District.

She pleads, “How strict will the boundaries be? We are right in between two schools and half of my kids’ friends will go to one and half to the other. I am wondering if we will have any freedom to choose which [school] we will go to now.”

That choice in education is a fundamental right.

Education is so many things to so many people. I grew up in poverty and slept on a couch in my sister’s basement for a year. For me, education was a path to a better life and a future outside of poverty and government welfare. For others, education is job training, fixing social issues, job security, or political clout.

Now, education is a time for me to prepare my children to be leaders. It is a very different education that my wife and I are trying to provide than what either of us received.

The Utah Fits All Scholarship is an opportunity to find an education that is right for your children.

Oliver DeMille asks this pointed question, “When you look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren, when you picture their greatness and potential, do you feel that they are getting the education that is up to par with who they were born to become?”

If not, it may be time to find something else.