Rep. David Lifferth (R)


HB 134 (Tax Credit for Home-schooling Parent)

Libertas Institute supports this bill.

100% of state income taxes are diverted to public and higher education. Since home-schooling families do not utilize public schools, they incur a large personal expense for the education of their children without receiving the benefit of their tax dollars in the public school system. This bill would create a non-refundable tax credit of $500 per homeschooled child, allowing parents who homeschool their children to more easily pay for the materials and activities their education requires.

Libertas Institute supports this bill. Unlike many tax credits that try to incentivize behavior and are more reflective of central planning than wise tax policy, the direct relationship of the income tax to public education suggests that it makes sense to reduce the income tax burden upon Utahns whose children do not attend government schools.


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