First Annual Libertas Institute Essay Contest Winners

The following essays received awards as part of the First Annual Libertas Institute Essay Contest.

Grand Prize ($1,500)

Taking My Humanity Back by Robert Hunt

Robert inspires Utahns to radicalism by recognizing that the State illegitimately interjects itself between individuals wishing to engage in voluntary, consensual interactions.

People’s Choice Prize ($500)

A last minute decision was made by institute staff to offer two awards in this category. Details here.

Opt Out and Take Your Freedom Back by Jacob Vidrine

To live free in an unfree world, Jacob suggests adhering to Agorism—the idea of reducing one’s government footprint in whatever way possible.

A Free and Prosperous Utah by Charity Angel White

Charity suggests loving our neighbors as ourselves and voluntarily rendering assistance to those in need as a foundation for creating a freer Utah.