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Transparency Report Shows Force Used in 2017

Utah is the only state with a law requiring police transparency regarding “forcible entry” (no-knock or knock-and-announce) warrants and the use of SWAT teams. This year’s report marks the fourth since the law was enacted.

Here is a summary of the data that was provided:

  • There were 486 total “reportable incidents” in 2017—an increase of over 9% compared to 2016.
  • Of these, 221 incidents involved forcibly entering the residence or building.
  • 77% of forcible entries pertained to offenses regarding drugs or alcohol.
  • Warrants were obtained in 94% of all reported incidents.
  • Weapons (including non-firearms) were brandished by suspects in 3.5% of reported incidents. Firearms were used by suspects on one occasion.
  • Two officers were injured; there was one fatality.
  • Four civilians were injured; none were killed.
  • One animal was injured.

Here is a breakdown of the reasons leading to these incidents:


The entire report can be read here.