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Legislator Profile: Representative Candice Pierucci

Name: Candice Pierucci
Type: Representative
Party: Republican
District: 49
Mobile: 385-414-1488

Libertas Legislator Index Rankings

The following rating measures how consistently this legislator votes in support of individual liberty, private property, and free enterprise. To learn more, see the main index page.

20202021202220232024 Overall Rating
92%84%85%91%86.5% 88%

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Sponsored Ranked Bills

This legislator was the sponsor of the following bills, which were ranked by Libertas Institute in their respective year's Legislator Index.

  • HB529: Utah Fits All Scholarship Program Amendments (2024)
    House Bill 529 clarifies various provisions of the Utah Fits All Scholarship and expands eligibility to military families and foster families that have initiated the adoption process.

    This bill passed the House 59-13 and passed the Senate 20-9. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.
  • HB173: Local School Board Amendments (2024)
    This bill allows citizens to pursue a referendum on taxes imposed by local school boards.

    This bill passed the House 42-28 but did not receive a Senate vote. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.
  • HB215: Funding for Teacher Salaries and Optional Education Opportunities (2023)
    This bill created the UT-Fits Scholarship which is a universal education spending account, providing parents with choice in their child's education. It also increased compensation for teachers in government schools.

    This bill passed the House 54-20 and passed the Senat e20-8. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.
  • HB331: Hope Scholarship Program (2022)
    This bill would have created an Education Savings Account program, allowing parents to use tax dollars to support their child's education in a private or home school instead of a government school.

    This bill failed in the House 22-53. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.

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