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The Ultimate Guide to Utah’s 2023 Legislative Session

Imagine missing the vote for a piece of legislation you’ve waited all year to see or missing a committee hearing where you could have impacted the outcome of a bill. This would be incredibly unfortunate, especially if the legislation was going to be influential in your life. 

Fortunately, Libertas has you covered. Our website offers a wide range of tools that allow you to keep up to date and stay informed about the happenings at the Capitol. 

  • Start by visiting the Libertas website’s homepage and hovering your mouse over theResources tab. 
  • The Legislation Tracker page can serve as your command center to track legislation as the session progresses.

The Legislation Tracker will present you with a list of legislation that Libertas is either supporting or opposing. You can view updates about legislation such as the vote totals from the Senate and House, what committee a piece of legislation is in, and how a committee voted on a bill.

  • To view a particular type of legislation, click on the Filter by Topic drop-down menu andselect the topic.
  • To view a summary of the bill, hover your mouse over the bill title.
  • To read more details about a bill, click on the bill title or number.
  • To learn about the sponsor of a bill, click on their name in the Sponsor column. You will see a brief profile and a rating that reflects how closely the legislator aligns with Libertas. 
  • Legislator information can also be viewed in the Legislator Profiles section, found by hovering your mouse over the Resources tab.
  • A more detailed summary of how each legislator aligns with Libertas and how they have voted on legislation can be viewed on the Legislator Indexes page.

In addition to using Libertas’s website, it is important to use the Utah State Legislature website to effectively follow Utah’s legislative session.

  • Scrolling down on the homepage of the Utah State Legislature website, you will see the calendar that can help you stay up to date with important events and dates during the session. 
  • Scrolling down even further provides you with access to essential resources to effectively follow the 2023 General Session, such as bill requests, numbered bills, bill tracking tools, and the “2023 General Session Main Page.” 
  • This main page can provide you with links to nearly all the information a person couldwant about the upcoming session.
  • The tabs that fall at the top of the Utah State Legislature’s website include Legislators, Bills, Codes, Committees, Audits, Budget, and Research and Legal

To follow the legislative session, the Legislators tab, Bills tab, and Committees tab will be particularly important.

  • The Legislators tab provides information about the individuals who comprise the House and Senate.
  • Clicking on the drop-down menu item titled Reading Calendars takes you to a page where you can watch floor debates, see votes on legislation, and track when a bill will be read.

  • The Bills tab provides you with additional information about bills included in the session.
  • The Committees tab allows you to learn more about each committee. 

Now, you should have all the resources to follow this year’s legislative session with ease.