Gig Economy

The Future of Work Starts Here

Unlike the labor force of the last century, the gig economy is driven by people of all stripes seeking a flexible way to earn a living. But despite the upside to working in the gig economy, a few nagging problems persist. Instead of clinging to the inflexible solutions of the past, finding creative solutions to the gig economy’s problems will lead to better outcomes and pave the way for the future of work.

Stories from the Gig Economy

At the heart of our research is real-world perspectives from rideshare drivers and freelancers whose stories we’d like to share. Our interest in the gig economy started with a story about an Uber driver named Rosemary, whose conversation led to a research project spanning over two years in search of a way to make the gig economy sustainable and improve workers’ lives. Here are some additional stories:

Policy Resources to Make Change

As a leading think tank in the business of changing hearts, minds, and laws, we’ve spent hundreds of hours pouring through the nuanced issues holding back the gig economy in search of solutions. 

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We’re Here to Help

Our Gig Economy project is overseen by our Tech and Innovation Policy Analyst, Caden Rosenbaum. If you’re an elected official or connected to a think tank or other civic group that would like to work on gig economy policy, we’d love to connect with you! Send Caden an email at