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  • In 2014, Senator Rob Schaaf introduced, as well as passed, Senate Joint Resolution 27, which delivered digital data protections to Missourians' ballots and later approved by 75% of the voters.


  • In 2023, Representative Ben Baker introduced House Bill 762 which would prohibit courts from issuing reverse keyword or reverse location search court orders. It would also prohibit government entities from requesting such court orders or that private entities voluntarily provide such information. This article outlines what a reverse warrant is and how they work.

Why is Data Privacy Needed?

As new innovative technologies are developed, our constitutionally protected right to privacy is often increasingly eroded. Americans have moved their lives into the digital realm and old policies to protect our physical possessions are insufficient to do the job.

This isn’t just about your email, cell phone location data, or the contents of your cloud storage. Eventually, the digitization of our biometric data (facial, retinal, voice, DNA, fingerprints, etc.) will be so commonplace that it will become impossible to ignore the consequences that come with unfettered access by government.

But by then, it will be too late.

Want to Help Fix the Problem?

Libertas Institute is the national pioneer in data privacy, helping Utah pass the country’s strongest reforms—protecting the rights of the innocent from unjust intrusion. This effort is the culmination of a years-long effort we’d love to share with you so you can consider the optimal strategy and timeline for your state.

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