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  • In 2024, Senator J.R. Claeys introduced Senate Bill 541, which seeks to establish a universal sandbox.
  • In 2024, Representative Patrick Penn introduced House Bill 2821, which would establish a universal sandbox.

What is a Regulatory Sandbox?

In short, a regulatory sandbox is a set of rules that allow businesses, usually within a specific industry, to test themselves in the market for a set period of time — generally two to three years — without being subject to any particular set of regulations. This is especially helpful to new businesses with innovative products, services, and/or business models that don’t neatly fit into a single industry. At the end of that set time period, the business and its results are evaluated to determine what, if any, regulations should apply to it.


Libertas Institute is the national pioneer in regulatory sandboxes, helping Utah pass the country’s first all-inclusive regulatory sandbox—benefitting businesses in every industry. This broad proposal is the culmination of a years-long effort we’d love to share with you so you can consider the optimal strategy and timeline for your state.

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