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Legislators graded for their votes in recent legislative session

Salt Lake City, UT, March 15, 2013 — With yesterday’s legislative general session concluding, Libertas Institute announces the release of its annual Legislator Index in which the key votes of Senators and Representatives are ranked.

A total of 22 votes are used to grade legislators, based on bills that had a significant positive or negative impact on individual liberty, private property, or free enterprise. Grouping both the House and Senate together, and aggregating all the votes, the legislature received a grade of 43% for this session. (The legislature got 48% in 201246% in 2011, and 62% in 2010.)

In the House of Representatives, the highest ranked legislator is Brian Greene, a Republican freshman from Pleasant Grove. He is the only legislator to receive a 100% score. He is closely followed by Representatives Marc Roberts and John Knotwell, both Republicans. The lowest ranking Representatives are Lynn Hemingway, Brian King, and Carol Spackman Moss, all Democrats.

In the Senate, Mark Madsen and Margaret Dayton, both Republicans, ranked highest at 75% and 71% respectively. Senators Luz Robles and Karen Mayne, both Democrats, are at the bottom, being ranked at 15% and 18% respectively.

“This index has proven extremely valuable to constituents throughout the state, looking to more easily understand whether their Representative or Senator defends their life, liberty, and property,” said Connor Boyack, president of Libertas Institute. “As candidates, these legislators often claim they support the free market, individual liberty, and other important ideals. This index enables Utahns to analyze whether their record matches their rhetoric.”

The Legislator Index is interactive, allowing individuals to sort ratings based on a specific bill or the total rating. A brief analysis of each ranked bill is also provided.

View the 2013 Legislator Index here.