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New Poll Surveys Utah Voters on Several Issues

Salt Lake City, UT (March 28, 2013) — In an attempt to determine where Utah voters stands on a variety of relevant subjects, Libertas Institute surveyed 425 random Utah voters on May 22-23, 2013. Potential survey participants were screened to ensure that they were currently a registered voter in the state of Utah. Sampled voters were contacted and administered a questionnaire over the telephone. The margin of sampling error is ±4.75%.

Some of the results were expected, while others were surprising. Only 19% of Utah voters believe that the federal government is heading in the right direction (and few of them are Republican). Similarly, 57% of Utah voters believe that the federal government regularly or frequently exceeds its constitutional limits.

Respondents had a more favorable impression of Utah’s government, with 52% stating that they believed Utah was heading in the right direction. On specific policies, however, many disagreed with the status quo.

For example, 53% oppose using the government to force businesses to close on Sunday. Voters were nearly split on whether the state should lower the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers to 0.05%. And 53% of Utah voters do not think that people should be put in prison for the simple possession of marijuana.

The results of these and other questions asked are available here.