How to Not Suck at Life


As a public speaker and author of the acclaimed Tuttle Twins children’s book series, Connor Boyack has interacted with thousands of parents nationwide who often complain about how their teen children are struggling and don’t have strong mentors helping them learn how to become successful and confident in life.

How to Not Suck at Life is the result of these many conversations—a series of short explanations with long-lasting benefits, if the messages in this book are pondered and put into action. The wide- ranging list of topics covers areas such as:

  • Self-confidence and leadership
  • Entrepreneurship and work
  • Critical thinking and mental clarity
  • Persistence and problem solving
  • Life hacks and behavioral changes
  • …and much more!

Today’s “influencers” often encourage victimhood, complain about “adulting,” and promote harmful ideas. Now more than ever, young people need wisdom from trusted sources that will lead to well- being and fulfillment. That’s what this book offers to young people looking to level up in life.

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