The Libertas Legislator Master Scorecard

Below are the total rankings for each Utah legislator who has cast a vote since we began the Legislator Index in 2013. We list the number of votes counted so that you can see how the total percentage is calculated; a legislator may rank highly if only counted during one year, whereas those who have been ranked during multiple years may fall in the rankings with bad votes over time.

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House of Representatives

Legislator Total Rating
Abbott, N. (R)77% (54 votes)
Acton, C.K. (R)69% (138 votes)
Albrecht, C. (R)53% (163 votes)
Andersen, K. (R)66% (57 votes)
Anderson, Jerry (R)59% (44 votes)
Anderson, Johnny (R)62% (132 votes)
Arent, P. (D)42% (225 votes)
Ballard, M.G. (R)55% (111 votes)
Barlow, S. (R)60% (264 votes)
Barrus, R. (R)57% (92 votes)
Bennion, G. (D)45% (54 votes)
Bird, J. (R)58% (92 votes)
Birkeland, K. (R)75% (54 votes)
Brammer, B. (R)80% (111 votes)
Briscoe, J. (D)44% (279 votes)
Brooks, W. (R)76% (163 votes)
Brown, D. (R)43% (54 votes)
Brown, M. (R)56% (132 votes)
Burton, J. (R)74% (54 votes)
Chavez-Houck, R. (D)41% (184 votes)
Chew, S. (R)61% (203 votes)
Christensen, L. (R)54% (168 votes)
Christiansen, S. (R)83% (57 votes)
Christofferson, K. (R)73% (247 votes)
Coleman, K. (R)87% (149 votes)
Collard, C. (D)52% (54 votes)
Cosgrove, T. (D)36% (92 votes)
Cox, F. (R)83% (72 votes)
Cox, J. (R)52% (43 votes)
Cox, S. (R)40% (22 votes)
Cunningham, R. (R)59% (84 votes)
Cutler, B. R. (R)40% (92 votes)
Dailey-Provost, J. (D)53% (111 votes)
Daw, B. (R)64% (197 votes)
Dee, B. (R)45% (132 votes)
DiCaro, S. (R)60% (40 votes)
Draxler, J. (R)46% (132 votes)
Duckworth, S. (D)44% (241 votes)
Dunnigan, J. (R)54% (295 votes)
Edwards, R. (R)40% (184 votes)
Eliason, S. (R)55% (279 votes)
Fawson, J. (R)65% (92 votes)
Ferry, J. (R)66% (111 votes)
Fisher, Janice (D)35% (92 votes)
Froerer, G. (R)64% (184 votes)
Gardiner, A. (R)68% (25 votes)
Gibson, F. (R)70% (271 votes)
Greene, B. (R)99% (136 votes)
Greenwood, R. (R)46% (92 votes)
Gwynn, M. (R)78% (54 votes)
Hall, C. (R)68% (223 votes)
Handy, S. (R)52% (279 votes)
Harrison, S. (D)46% (111 votes)
Hawkes, T. (R)66% (203 votes)
Hawkins, J. (R)54% (111 votes)
Hemingway, L. (D)29% (163 votes)
Hollins, S. (D)49% (203 votes)
Hughes, G. (R)56% (184 votes)
Hutchings, E. (R)54% (241 votes)
Ivory, K. (R)84% (222 votes)
Johnson, D.N. (R)60% (111 votes)
Judkins, M. (R)71% (111 votes)
King, Brad (D)43% (40 votes)
King, Brian S. (D)42% (295 votes)
Knotwell, J. (R)92% (166 votes)
Kohler, M. (R)61% (54 votes)
Kwan, K. (D)48% (163 votes)
Last, B. (R)54% (295 votes)
Layton, D. (R)70% (44 votes)
Lesser, R. (D)52% (54 votes)
Lifferth, D. (R)74% (84 votes)
Lisonbee, K. (R)83% (163 votes)
Lockhart, R. (R)71% (92 votes)
Lund, S. (R)66% (54 votes)
Lyman, P. (R)82% (111 votes)
Maloy, A.C. (R)88% (163 votes)
Mathis, J. (R)73% (92 votes)
Matthews, A. (D)54% (54 votes)
McIff, K. (R)45% (132 votes)
Menlove, R. (R)40% (92 votes)
Miles, K. (R)61% (163 votes)
Miller, J. (D)57% (21 votes)
Moss, C. (D)42% (295 votes)
Moss, J. (R)87% (163 votes)
Musselman, C.R. (R)76% (111 votes)
Nelson, M. (R)48% (247 votes)
Nielson, J. (R)63% (76 votes)
Noel, M. (R)55% (184 votes)
Oda, C. (R)77% (132 votes)
Owens, D. (D)47% (54 votes)
Perry, L. (R)42% (225 votes)
Petersen, M. (R)76% (54 votes)
Peterson, J. (R)59% (168 votes)
Peterson, K. (R)63% (24 votes)
Peterson, V. (R)68% (279 votes)
Pierucci, C. (R)87% (81 votes)
Pitcher, D. (R)51% (168 votes)
Pitcher, S. (D)50% (111 votes)
Potter, V. (R)50% (109 votes)
Poulson, M. (D)39% (241 votes)
Powell, K. (R)37% (132 votes)
Pulsipher, S. (R)65% (163 votes)
Quinn, T. (R)69% (109 votes)
Ray, P. (R)52% (271 votes)
Redd, E. (R)47% (136 votes)
Roberts, M. (R)98% (193 votes)
Robertson, A. (R)83% (138 votes)
Rohner, J. (R)55% (24 votes)
Romero, A. (D)42% (247 votes)
Sagers, D. (R)46% (279 votes)
Sanpei, D. (R)67% (141 votes)
Schultz, M. (R)71% (203 votes)
Seegmiller, T. (R)85% (138 votes)
Seelig, J. (D)25% (92 votes)
Shipp, R.P. (R)68% (111 votes)
Shurtliff, L. (D)33% (57 votes)
Snider, C. (R)72% (111 votes)
Snow, V. L. (R)58% (264 votes)
Spendlove, R. (R)58% (225 votes)
Stanard, J. (R)75% (109 votes)
Stenquist, J. (R)67% (111 votes)
Stoddard, A. (D)46% (111 votes)
Stratton, K. (R)72% (247 votes)
Strong, M.A. (R)88% (111 votes)
Tanner, E. (R)59% (84 votes)
Teuscher, J. (R)93% (54 votes)
Thurston, N. (R)81% (203 votes)
Waldrip, S. (R)60% (111 votes)
Ward, R. (R)65% (203 votes)
Watkins, C. (R)65% (211 votes)
Webb, R. C. (R)47% (184 votes)
Weight, E. (D)45% (163 votes)
Welton, D. (R)75% (54 votes)
Westwood, J. (R)35% (136 votes)
Wheatley, M. (D)45% (295 votes)
Whyte, S. (R)62% (24 votes)
Wilcox, R. (R)88% (146 votes)
Wilde, L. (R)64% (109 votes)
Wiley, L. (D)38% (92 votes)
Wilson, B. (R)61% (279 votes)
Winder, M. (R)70% (163 votes)


Legislator Total Rating
Adams, J. S. (R)59% (271 votes)
Anderegg, J. (R)82% (234 votes)
Bramble, C. (R)66% (271 votes)
Buxton, D. G. (R)61% (150 votes)
Christensen, A. (R)60% (223 votes)
Cullimore, K. A. (R)79% (98 votes)
Dabakis, J. (D)47% (133 votes)
Davis, G. (D)51% (271 votes)
Dayton, M. (R)75% (173 votes)
Escamilla, L. (D)55% (271 votes)
Fillmore, L. (R)87% (165 votes)
Grover, K. (R)73% (282 votes)
Harper, W. (R)67% (279 votes)
Hemmert, D. (R)65% (102 votes)
Henderson, D. (R)74% (183 votes)
Hillyard, L. (R)53% (223 votes)
Hinkins, D. (R)70% (271 votes)
Ipson, D. (R)59% (282 votes)
Iwamoto, J. (D)55% (188 votes)
Jackson, A. (R)95% (38 votes)
Jenkins, S. (R)73% (121 votes)
Johnson, J. (R)76% (48 votes)
Jones, P. (D)32% (83 votes)
Kennedy, M. (R)79% (184 votes)
Kitchen, D. (D)59% (98 votes)
Knudson, P. (R)53% (173 votes)
Madsen, M. (L)89% (121 votes)
Mayne, K. (D)48% (271 votes)
McCay, D. (R)92% (251 votes)
McKell, M. (R)69% (241 votes)
Millner, A. (R)60% (188 votes)
Niederhauser, W. (R)51% (173 votes)
Okerlund, R. (R)50% (223 votes)
Osmond, A. (R)52% (78 votes)
Owens, D.R. (R)57% (176 votes)
Reid, S. (R)54% (68 votes)
Riebe, K. (D)55% (98 votes)
Sandall, S. (R)54% (190 votes)
Shiozawa, B. (R)44% (106 votes)
Stephenson, H. (R)78% (173 votes)
Stevenson, J. (R)61% (271 votes)
Thatcher, D. (R)63% (256 votes)
Urquhart, S. (R)59% (121 votes)
Valentine, J. (R)50% (83 votes)
Van Tassell, K. (R)55% (173 votes)
Vickers, E. (R)65% (279 votes)
Weiler, T. (R)63% (243 votes)
Wilson, C. (R)69% (48 votes)
Winterton, R. (R)67% (98 votes)
Zehnder, B. (R)49% (27 votes)