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The following bills are included in this year's Legislative Tracker. Below each bill's title and number is our summary and explanation of why we support or oppose the bill.

Police Use of Force Accountability (HB 123) Support

This bill would require police to complete internal use of force investigations within 180 days of the incident, and post findings online.

Libertas supports this bill. It is still a step in the right direction to uphold accountability and give the public more knowledge about what's happening with internal investigations.

Creating a Safer Warrant Process (HB 124) Support

This bill takes steps to ensure no-knock and knock and announce warrants are being safely carried out by law enforcement.

Libertas supports this bill. It is a step toward a better warrant process for both forcible entry and knock-and-announce warrants.

Background Checks for Private Firearm Purchases (HB 133) Oppose

In Utah, adults can purchase firearms from private sellers without having to get a background check or submit information to the government. This bill requires background checks before such purchases can take place.

Libertas opposes this bill. Individuals should be able to acquire tools to defend themselves without unnecessary burdens being placed in their path.

Traffic Ticket Forgiveness for Good Behavior (HB 139) Support

This bill would allow an individual to defer their traffic citation for remaining traffic ticket-free for one year.

Libertas supports this bill. It works to incentivize individuals to stay out of trouble with the law, while still ensuring there is accountability for their actions.

Attorney Fees for Successfully Suing the Government (HB 140) Support

This bill allows an individual to be awarded attorney fees if they sue the government and win.

Libertas supports this bill. Individuals who hold the government accountable in the courts should be compensated for their expenses.

Streamlined Business Licenses for Food Trucks (HB 146) Support

This bill streamlines the business licensing process for food trucks.

Libertas supports this bill. It reduces the regulations, costs, and bureaucratic burdens imposed on these micro-entrepreneurs.

Repeal and Replace the Death Penalty (HB 147) Support

This bill repeals the death penalty and replaces it with an alternative sentencing option to help prosecutors better achieve justice.

Libertas supports this bill. It is an appropriate balance to ensure the criminal justice system does not kill the wrong people, spares victims of decades of ongoing abuse, and secures justice to hold heinous criminals responsible for their actions.

More Oversight for Occupational Licensure Laws (SB 16) Support

This bill will create a review board for current and proposed occupational licensure laws.

Libertas supports this bill. The creation of this office will help eliminate unnecessary licenses and work to give power back to the market when deciding if someone is qualified enough for a position.

Property Tax Relief for Seniors (SB 25) Support

This bill would create a property tax deferment program for seniors that would provide needed relief from rising property taxes.

Libertas supports this bill. Given the sharp increase in property taxes, a deferment option until the property changes hands helps struggling seniors stay in their homes without burdening the state or others.

Modifications to Clearing Criminal Records (SB 35) Support

This technical bill clarifies intent of current expungement law and makes the process less arduous for expungement petitioners.

Libertas supports this bill. It helps clarify ambiguities within current expungement laws and makes the process better for petitioners and government agencies alike.

Reducing Barriers to Obtaining an Occupational License (SB 43) Support

This bill would reduce barriers to obtaining an occupational license for those coming to Utah internationally or from other states.

Libertas supports this bill. It will open the door for more qualified individuals to participate in the workforce.

Protecting Employment for Medical Cannabis Cardholders (SB 46) Support

This bill will explicitly protect employees who are medical cannabis cardholders in the same way the state protects those with a controlled substance prescription.

State Film Production Incentives Amendments (SB 49) Oppose

Current law imposes a cap on the amount of tax credit incentives that can be handed out to companies filming movies in Utah. This bill would remove that cap for companies who film in rural Utah, creating an unlimited amount of tax incentives for such productions, provided other criteria are met.

Libertas opposes this bill. Tax policy should not be used to subsidize or incentivize businesses, no matter what other states do. Utah should have a fair and equitable tax structure that does not benefit some enterprises over others.

Capping Traffic Ticket Revenue (SB 75) Support

This bill would cap the amount of traffic revenue a local government can collect to 25% of their base budget.

Libertas supports this bill. It will disincentivize excessive traffic citations, no matter who is in power at the local level.