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Research Analyst

Those volunteering in this position will use their research experience to investigate issues of relevance to the Institute’s mission, in preparation for future articles or reports to be published by the Institute.

Research analysts must have strong critical analysis skills and be independent thinkers, able to distill complex data into reports, memos, and verbal communication as needed.

Research analysts may also be asked to recommend particular actions, policies or strategies based on their knowledge of the field and the results of their analysis. Depending on the situation, research analysts might present several possible courses of action and their forecasted outcomes.

Event Staff

Volunteers interested in representing the Institute at events will primarily work on site at each event in a number of roles, including registration, collection of donations, greeting guests, distributing literature to passersby, etc.

Those interested in this position should be familiar with the Institute’s mission and message, have an outgoing and cheerful personality, and be willing to interact with others to help spread word about the Institute.

Fundraising Coordinator

The Institute’s efforts will only be successful with adequate financing. Volunteers with experience in fundraising are needed to help secure funds to move forward the cause of liberty in Utah.

Using initiative and creative thinking to identify new sources of funding, coordinators will assist in preparing funding applications, investigate strategies for fundraising (online, via social networks, and through local businesses), cultivate relationships with targeted and prospective donors and businesses, and assist in the organization and development of fundraising materials.

Legal Researcher

We are seeking motivated, independent, second or third year law students to join our team as legal volunteers conducting extensive and creative research in various areas of state law. The work will entail electronic correspondence with institute staff to receive direction on which policies to research and for what purpose.

This is an ideal opportunity for confident students with developed research skills who crave greater independence and responsibility in anticipation of their impending professional responsibilities. Legal researchers are chosen to further our mission and will be expected to serve as the primary impetus to accomplish this goal. Volunteers will exercise broad discretion in how to accomplish their goals and manage their time.

Legislative Watchdog

Utah’s part time legislature meets for 45 days beginning each January, and for a few days throughout the rest of the year for interim meetings. Volunteers are needed to attend meetings at the capitol, monitor a bill’s progress that is of interest to the Institute, meet with legislators to convey the Institute’s thoughts on a given bill, speak in committee meetings for or against bills, etc.

Those interested in this position should have flexible schedules able to accommodate attendance at these meetings, an outgoing attitude, and an ability to multi-task.


The Institute is looking for hard-working and high-energy individuals excited about our message and willing to spend a few hours each week spreading the word about our existence and efforts.

Evangelists will propose marketing ideas and outreach efforts to Institute staff, and with approval and funding, if necessary, carry out activities that help educate the public about who we are and what we do.

This position is ideal for creative individuals with experience in advertising, marketing, public relations, and entrepreneurialism.

Media Monitor

Do you like reading the news and keeping up to date with current events? The Institute is looking for volunteers who will monitor news websites, blogs, social media, and other sources of information to find issues, policies, or events that are of possible interest to the Institute.

Media monitors will be asked to stay abreast of the latest news around the state, including at municipal levels, and determine which issues may be worthy of commentary by the Institute.

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