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The Legislature is in session

Each year we read each of the 800+ bills that are proposed and curate a list of the best and worst for you to track and help influence.


Utah needs to streamline its permitting processes

Rather than ask Utahns to weave through a patchwork of confusing regulations, Senate Bill 204 would ensure that permitting processes throughout the state meet three simple and common-sense rules.


Utah can strike a better balance to protect privacy

State Rep. Francis Gibson has introduced a new bill to tackle this issue head-on. Privacy Protection Amendments, House Bill 243, requires a public, transparent review regarding law enforcement wanting to use new surveillance technology. This enables the...


These two Utah bills would give property tax relief to seniors

The earning potential for an individual in the middle of their career is much different than that of a retiree. Income drops and becomes fixed instead of steadily increasing. This leads to homeowners who are “house rich” and “cash poor” — in a home, but...


Even in a pandemic, Utah’s executive branch needs a check

The Legislature needs to reassert its authority during this session to ensure that current and future pandemics and emergencies do not trigger excessive executive power.


Stop suspending driver licenses for unpaid court debt

Unless you live and work in downtown Salt Lake, having a driver’s license is essential — especially in the rural parts of the state. Yet, to the detriment of those who are struggling financially, the state has made a bad habit of taking away people’s licenses...