Personal Freedom

Is Your Political Yard Sign Illegal?

As the June 28 primary elections in Utah draw closer, candidates hold town halls and run advertisements, political conversations ramp up online and in-person, and campaign yard signs inevitably start to populate the neighborhood.

Education Empowerment

The Diversity We Need in Education

Coach Kennedy knelt at midfield to offer a quick prayer after a win. The prayer lasted just a few seconds, but it changed the direction of his career.

Free Market

Could Your Medical History Disqualify You From Work?

Medical histories are often intimately private information. Often, people don't feel comfortable disclosing this information to those outside of their immediate family, so would you feel comfortable sharing your private medical history with a room full of...


Utah should be the next state to allow psychologists to prescribe medication

Utah needs help with high rates of mental illness and a shortage of practitioners.

Justice and Due Process

A Case Against the Death Penalty

On October 22, 2001, Richard Moore received a death penalty sentence. He had been previously convicted in Spartanburg, South Carolina for the murder of James Mahoney. The execution was scheduled for April 29, 2022, over twenty years after the murder.