Justice and Due Process

Geofences Aren’t the Only Reverse Warrants

Reverse search warrants are requests made by law enforcement to a technology company seeking caches of data that could be relevant to a criminal investigation.

Education Empowerment

Funding All Parents’ Education Choices

Our compulsory public education system has never been neutral or tolerant. 

Personal Freedom

Lack of Privacy Leads to Political Abuses

In the Internet age, the distribution of state power has drastic implications for Americans’ civil and privacy rights. Across the globe, counterterrorism is weaponized as a pretext for civil rights abuses. To preserve freedom, Americans must reignite their...

Justice and Due Process

Why the Officers in Uvalde May Escape Accountability

Why did police hold their position for over an hour while waiting for backup as the nightmarish incident unfolded at Uvalde’s Robb Elementary? This is particularly concerning because there are numerous questions surrounding the actions of the police officers...


Utah Advocates for Religion, but the State’s Constitution Has an Inconsistency

Utah is a state that prides itself on freedom of religion. But you may be surprised to learn that Utah’s Constitution has had anti religious elements for over one hundred years.