Justice and Due Process

Facial Recognition Is Terrifying, Even (Especially) When It Works

The only thing worse than an arbitrary, incompetent government violating its citizens’ liberties is an arbitrary, competent one.

Limited and Open Government

A New Model for Building Permits Shows a Bright Future

Utah faces a real estate crunch, both residential and commercial. Making it faster and easier to get a building permit could relieve some of that pressure.


This Is the Real Reason We Don’t Have Flying Cars

Once regulation catches up, there’s no reason drones can’t be used for a wide range of growth-boosting innovations in the state. Even leaving passengers aside, automated drones could get goods to consumers in record time, from groceries to smartphones.

Free Market

Utah’s Opportunity Sandbox Could Be This Year’s Biggest Win for Freedom

In just a few quick seconds you can do something powerful to help entrepreneurs avoid bureaucratic red tape.

Personal Freedom

The Revolution Continues

So, as you celebrate the Fourth of July, just remember that the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution were not an ending point, but a beginning.