Free Market

Finally Food Truck Freedom

Food trucks should not have to pay redundant and costly fees for a government permission slip in each city.

Free Market

California’s Gig Work Saga Is a Cautionary Tale, Not a Guidebook

While the PRO Act has yet to be passed into law nationally, California passed legislation that serves as the model for the new classification system outlined in the PRO Act. And it was a disaster for workers and consumers.

Free Market

Utah Set to End Outrageous Permission Slip Requirements

This legislation comes at a time when in Utah having a government-issued permission slip determines if you are allowed to work in over 300 professions.

Personal Freedom

Utah Affirms Privacy Rights in Banking Data

The resolution argues that forcing banking institutions to make such a choice breaks down trust between consumers and financial institutions.

Free Market

Utah Businesses Shouldn’t Comply with Biden’s OSHA Vaccine Mandate

The 490-page mandate from OSHA — the federal agency issuing this mandate without Congressional review — has no end date, and also requires business owners to ensure that "each employee who is not fully vaccinated wears a face covering."