Hands-On Learning

Schools should offer more hands-on vocational programs, as the current college-focused education system fails to engage many students who prefer practical, on-the-job training.

Education Empowerment

The Utah Fits All Scholarship Will Stand Strong in the Courts

The legal precedents set by the Supreme Court and countless state-level rulings suggest parents in Utah will remain free to choose what is best for their children’s education after all.

Free Enterprise

Houston: No Zoning, More Housing

Our research has consistently shown that supply and demand is the biggest factor in our ongoing housing crisis. However, this is still a short version of a bigger story.

Free Enterprise

Automated Lawnmowers are Just the Beginning!

When we think of "autonomous vehicles," we naturally think of cars. But the future is fast approaching, and it's more than just cars that are self-driving nowadays.

Free Enterprise

Louisiana is Innovating the Insurance Industry

After four years of effort, in 2024, Representative Kim Carver introduced House Bill 701, which established an insurance sandbox – the state’s first.