Education Empowerment

Civic Education is Broken. Teachers Agree.

The headlines are everywhere and well known. Millennials are ignorant of history. They also like socialism. Coincidence? Declaration of Obliviousness: We hold these youths to be self-ignorant Americans know literally nothing about the Constitution Test scores...

Personal Freedom

Psychotherapeutics Aren’t the Next Big Thing. They’re Already Here.

Ketamine has already been helping Utah patients for years. 


The Power of Consumers To Protect Their Privacy

Consumers have no control over how their private data — such as location and search history — is collected, stored, and distributed. When people lack control over when and how details of their private life become public, it is a problem for individual rights...

Free Market

If Your Occupational License Is Suspended, You Might Be Out of Options

Licensing restrictions are housed in individual states' statutory or administrative laws. At first, these seemingly innocent laws appear to simply define what a specific occupation is and what a practitioner of the occupation may do as well as establish...

Education Empowerment

Is College Worth It?

A college degree used to be a golden ticket when it came to earning potential.