We Must Build More Homes – The Emerging Political Consensus

Despite politicians from different parties often having stark political differences, increasingly their assessments of America’s housing market woes are aligned.

Education Empowerment

Debunking Myths About Utah Education Fits All Distribution

Almost all of the 10,000 Utah Fits All Scholarships went to the lowest income families who applied, 9880 scholarships to be exact. This flies in the face of arguments that the Utah Fits All will only go to rich families.

Personal Freedom

Is Your Car Actually Spying On You?

We need to start thinking of our vehicles as giant smartphones that hold tremendous amounts of data about us. Then we can start to take the necessary legal and common sense precautions to protect our own privacy, as well as the privacy of others in civil...

Education Empowerment

Experience is Better Than a Degree

Students must carefully evaluate their options and think about what is best for them before deciding to enroll in college. Higher education is not the only way and there are many interesting alternatives.


Utah Lights An Innovative Path To Matching Benefits With Work Realities

This shift to full time gig work has come at the expense of traditional work-related benefits. That is, until last year, when Utah passed an innovative idea for portable benefits into law.