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The legislative session soon begins…

Each year we read each of the 800+ bills that are proposed and curate a list of the best and worst for you to track and help influence.

Limited and Open Government

The New State Privacy Officer Is Appointed — Now What?

As new State Privacy Officer Whitney Phillips moves forward with her review, four problems should be prioritized.

Limited and Open Government

The Ultimate Guide to Utah’s 2022 Legislative Session

The Utah legislative session can seem chaotic, but this handy guide will help you keep track of all the bills, votes, and hearings you care about.


A decade of reform since Matthew David Stewart’s death

We can support these good officers — and better prevent unnecessary uses of force from happening — by continuing to reform our laws to ensure that “bad apples” are not empowered and excused in their ability to abuse authority.

Justice and Due Process

If Santa Were Real, He’d Be Facing Arrest

When asked if bringing toys is really going to cause harm, Special Agent Ebenezer Scrooge quickly corrected the question. “Harmful contraband, not toys,” he sharply retorted. 

Justice and Due Process

Lying to Kids Does Not Achieve Justice

The practice of deceiving young people only results in police hearing what they want to hear. It does not result in accurately solving crimes.