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The Legislative Session is Over

We ranked the most important votes from the recent legislative session to show you how your Representative and Senator scored.


Utah Actually Spends Over $11,000 per Student

Utah public schools receive $11,000 per student, $3,000 more than private schools. Funding sources include state, local, and federal contributions.

Education Empowerment

Public Schools, a Continuing Battlefield

If you want to solve the school culture wars, allow parents to decide who will teach their children and how. No parent should be forced to send their child to a school that teaches values they don’t accept.

Policy Analysis

Findings and Recommendations of the Utah Flexible Benefits Working Group

This report was produced as part of the Flexible Benefits Working Group, co-chaired by Senator John Johnson and Representative Ryan Wilcox, which was formed to study Utah’s SB 233, Portable Benefit Plan, and recommend opportunities for improvement.

Education Empowerment

Punishments Won’t Solve Absenteeism

Schools need to take a deep look at their practices. There is something keeping students from attending school, and it isn’t a lack of punishment.

Education Empowerment

Utah Microschools Face Outdated Regulations

The education world has changed in the past few years. It is time that new models of learning are recognized and allowed into our communities.