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The Legislative Session is Over

We ranked the most important votes from the recent legislative session to show you how your Representative and Senator scored.

Education Empowerment

Federal Parent Bill of Rights

Honoring parental rights is a noble cause, but opening the door for the federal government to have more control will have unintended consequences as political winds change. Never give the government a power you wouldn’t want used against you.

Education Empowerment

The Unintended Consequences of Giving the Government Power

The unintended consequences of doing so was never more evident than in a recent library book challenge in Davis School District. The book in question, the Bible. 

Free Enterprise

What We Can Learn From Mental Health Care Reform During a Public Health Crisis

By deregulating occupational licensing and telehealth, states can increase the supply of mental healthcare providers and reduce costs, while also increasing the availability of care for patients in areas with provider shortages.

Free Enterprise

Economic Empowerment of Women Can Improve With Licensing Reform

Occupational licensing has become a significant topic of debate in recent years. Advocates of licensing argue that licensing requirements protect public safety and consumer welfare, while critics contend that they restrict competition, raise prices, and limit...

Education Empowerment

Should Texas Takeover Houston ISD?

The Texas Education Agency is taking over the Houston Independent School District (ISD), but should they?