Education Empowerment

Parents Value Education. Shop Accordingly

Every child’s education should match the greatness and potential their parents see in them. But finding that education will take work.

Free Enterprise

Montana is Innovating the Insurance Industry

Regulatory sandboxes are an issue that Libertas Institute has researched extensively, and we stand ready to help your state pursue this reform opportunity as we have with Montana. For groups or legislators in other states looking to work on the issue, we’d...

Limited and Open Government

Understanding the Utah Interim Session

In the realm of legislative processes, the Utah Interim Session plays a pivotal role in shaping policies and advancing important discussions before the start of a new legislative session.

Education Empowerment

Top 3 Takeaways from Hybrid Schools Conference

At the end of April, I spent two days in Atlanta attending the Hybrid Schools Conference. Here are three things I learned.

Limited and Open Government

Build a Better Future of Work

Life moves much faster than it did four decades ago. And it keeps getting faster. The workforce, in turn, is along for the ride with little hope of slowing down.