Free Market

North Carolina Jumps in the Sandbox

North Carolina now joins several other states that have created industry-specific sandboxes, helping innovative businesses avoid problematic and outdated regulations. 

Free Market

Tuttle Twins Didn’t Take Your Tax Dollars

This high-quality kids cartoon, which will — like our wildly popular books — teach the ideas of freedom to the rising generation, was directly funded by those who wanted to will it into existence. Put differently… no taxpayers were harmed in the making of...

Justice and Due Process

So You Say There Ought to Be a Law

Every law, no matter how just or how much you agree with it, carries a possible death sentence for violating it.

Justice and Due Process

New Effort to “Repeal and Replace” the Death Penalty in Utah

This new approach aims to solve a critical problem for victim family members.

Personal Freedom

SLC Mayor’s K-12 Mask Mandate Is On Shaky Legal Ground

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall has unilaterally issued an executive order declaring an emergency due to Covid-19, and ordering all children in K-12 schools in the city to wear a face mask. But does she have the authority to do so?