How a Sandbox Could Spur Economic Recovery

As applied to legal systems, a regulatory sandbox is an approach where a company can offer its products and services under the suspension of a particular law or regulation that might have otherwise inhibited it — and the concept is catching on in America.

Justice and Due Process

First Non-Lawyer Owned Law Firm Opens in Utah

This was only possible because the Utah Supreme Court approved and created the country's first legal services sandbox. The goal of the sandbox program is to get companies like Law on Call to find new and innovative ways to deliver legal services to low-income...

Justice and Due Process

Changes coming to probation and parole

Technical violations should not result in jail, and this bill takes the first step to help make sure that doesn’t happen. The Sentencing Commission has already done a lot of great work on Utah’s probation and parole system, and this is yet another directive...

2021 Bills

Permission Slips No Longer Required to Conceal Carry in Utah

Adults over 21 can now conceal their firearms without needing a permission slip.

Education Empowerment

School Attendance Reforms Put Parents Back in the Driver’s Seat

These bills not only help protect parental rights (as dictated in Utah’s Constitution), but they also provide important support to Utah’s children. Routines and normalcy have been disrupted and it would be wise to give families and students as much...