Limited and Open Government

Do Squatters Have Rights in Utah?

How did squatting start, and why do we still have issues with it in the modern-day United States?


College Should Wait

A college student's money isn't going as far as it used to, and far too many students are graduating with crippling debt. That isn't to say that college isn't necessary for some, but in an age where information is just a few clicks away, college may not be...

Education Empowerment

Stop Pressuring Kids Into College

College will always be there. But allowing young adults to explore outside of traditional college allows college to be part of the plan, rather than the only plan. 


Microschools Would Have Helped Me as a Kid in Peru. Now They Can Help Utahns

This new law, sponsored by Sen. Fillmore, diminishes barriers and reaffirms education empowerment. This new step represents an excellent opportunity for parents, children and teachers to innovate and improve education.

Education Empowerment

5 Myths about Education Choice

Do not let these myths make you lose focus on what is important: an educational environment where every student, teacher, and parent has the opportunity to choose what is best for them.