Education Empowerment

Homeschool: Good for Kids, Bad for Schools

Yes, some are concerned that parents are choosing to homeschool at a rate far larger than just a few years ago. But their concerns are irrelevant. Adults who are focused on a student-centered, individualized education care far more about the benefits for...

Free Enterprise

Universal Licensure Can Boost Economic Opportunities

Did you know that if you moved to another state, your occupational license might not be valid anymore? Occupational licenses can cost tens of thousands of dollars!! Universal licensing recognition is the solution we all want and need!


Europe’s New AI Law Threatens US Firms

AI firms will have to steel themselves, as these looming EU regulations threaten to reshape the very foundation of their existence.

Education Empowerment

Parents Value Education. Shop Accordingly

Every child’s education should match the greatness and potential their parents see in them. But finding that education will take work.

Free Enterprise

Montana is Innovating the Insurance Industry

Regulatory sandboxes are an issue that Libertas Institute has researched extensively, and we stand ready to help your state pursue this reform opportunity as we have with Montana. For groups or legislators in other states looking to work on the issue, we’d...