Free Market

Deregulating Telehealth and other Small Government Solutions to Improve our Medical System

Despite having a large medical infrastructure, Utah is struggling to meet the health care needs of its residents. Much of this inability can be attributed to a lack of healthcare workers able to provide patient care within the state. 


Geofence “Warrants”: An Unconstitutional Abuse of Technology

General warrants give law enforcement agents broad authority “to search and seize unspecified places or persons.” Prior to the American Revolution, this type of search—known as a writ of assistance—was widely used by British officials to search colonists’...


Can’t Find a Therapist? Step One for Utah Is Expanding Telehealth Access

The Beehive State has a longstanding problem with mental health. In 2019, Utah ranked sixth highest in the nation for its age-adjusted suicide rate, and it is currently the leading cause of death for Utah teenagers.

Justice and Due Process

Structuring Sentencing and Sanctions for Real Rehabilitation

Joe broke Sarah’s car window and stole her purse. This isn’t Joe’s first run-in with the law. He is already on probation, has two prior felonies ...

Free Market

An Innovator’s Perspective on Utah’s Regulatory Sandbox

Running a business is hard. But running a business in an uncertain regulatory environment can be near impossible. For better or worse, some of the laws and regulations at the state and federal levels can be hindrances to innovation and consumer welfare.