Justice and Due Process

Douglas Carter and Integrity

Victims deserve finality. A lot of that is out of our control: convicted murderers on death row have every incentive to fight their conviction indefinitely. But by doing the right thing up front, police and prosecutors can ensure convictions are the product...

Justice and Due Process

Ibogaine: A New Option for Addiction?

A humble plant may be able to do what expensive treatment programs can’t: End addiction. 


Privacy in the Digital Era: Who Controls Private Data?

The boundaries between physical and digital spheres are collapsing. The digital sharing of personal information is now embedded into the economic and relational activities of daily life. Following the COVID pandemic, the popularity of work from home and other...

Education Empowerment

Full Day Kindergarten Doesn’t Solve Absenteeism

If we keep offering the same solution, we can expect to get the same results. Full-day kindergarten is more of the same solution that doesn’t solve anything.

Personal Freedom

Does Utah Need Another Water Study?

"Mega-drought! Don’t water your lawn before this date! Slow the flow! Pray for moisture!" If you’ve lived in Utah for any significant amount of time, then you’ve probably heard all these phrases. The fact of the matter is Utah has a semi-arid climate with a...