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Each year we read each of the 800+ bills that are proposed and curate a list of the best and worst for you to track and help influence.

Policy Analysis

Findings and Recommendations of the Utah Flexible Benefits Working Group

This report was produced as part of the Flexible Benefits Working Group, co-chaired by Senator John Johnson and Representative Ryan Wilcox, which was formed to study Utah’s SB 233, Portable Benefit Plan, and recommend opportunities for improvement.

Education Empowerment

Punishments Won’t Solve Absenteeism

Schools need to take a deep look at their practices. There is something keeping students from attending school, and it isn’t a lack of punishment.

Education Empowerment

Utah Microschools Face Outdated Regulations

The education world has changed in the past few years. It is time that new models of learning are recognized and allowed into our communities.

Education Empowerment

Decoding Utah’s Education Budget Puzzle

Utah is often ridiculed by media and public school proponents for having the least amount of money spent per student on education. They aren’t wrong, but they also aren’t telling the whole story.

Limited and Open Government

Housing Innovation, Part 2: What Could the Future Look Like?

By applying creative principles both in and outside the home, we can provide starter homes for everybody who wants one — and at a price much lower than what we are seeing today.