Andrea Ford

Curriculum Specialist

Andrea Ford is a Curriculum Specialist for the Tuttle Twins Initiative. She carries a great passion to bring the real history of our country into the hands of as many students as possible and understands the impact this will have on the future climate of our country.

She resides just outside of her hometown, Bloomington, IN, with her two children. Andrea has a Master’s in Special Education and worked closely with students who had been given up on by most, leading them to graduation and helping them develop plans for post high school life.

She has spent the last 7 years homeschooling her two boys, who have developed a taste for fighting to maintain liberty in their community, while also becoming an entrepreneur. In the last 2 years, she has become heavily invested in the medical freedom movement locally and in the state of Indiana organizing events, building networks of people within the movement, corresponding with community leaders, establishing a medical liberty chapter in her hometown, and taking on a leadership role as the coordinator for local chapters throughout the state.

During downtime, Andrea enjoys spending her time outdoors hiking, camping, visiting the beach, and playing barefoot soccer with her kids.

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