About Libertas

Founded in 2011, Libertas Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit “think tank” and educational organization.

Our mission is to change hearts, minds, and laws to build a freer society by creating and implementing innovative policy reforms and exceptional educational resources.

Our Vision

A future where individuals are unleashed from restrictions that prevent them from peacefully building the lives they want.

Our Benefits

Libertas Institute is effective; 85% of our policy proposals are successfully enacted into law. By using strategy and persuasive communication to inform the public and educate elected officials, we help generate the political will to reduce and eliminate barriers that government places in the path of hard-working individuals. Our policy work is primarily focused on reforming state and local laws in Utah, where we operate. We also partner with like-minded groups and legislators in other states to help them adopt the reforms we have innovated.

Our unique educational materials, such as the Tuttle Twins children’s books, are translated into several languages and read by hundreds of thousands of families throughout the world. Our award-winning free market curriculum teaches economics to kids of all ages, and our Children’s Entrepreneur Market events provide a direct experience for youth to apply their knowledge and experience the benefits of operating a small business. These and other resources help the rising generation understand and embrace the ideas of a free society.