Policy Principles

Each year Libertas Institute works on dozens of significant policy issues spanning a wide range of topics. While our short-term efforts result in an unprecedented 85% success rate for being enacted into law, we keep our eyes fixed on long-term goals that will profoundly improve the lives and livelihoods of Utahns.

As we propose and evaluate legislation, here are the key priorities informing our work:

  • Free Enterprise: Entrepreneurs and employees deserve a level playing field, fair competition, and the elimination of unnecessary regulations that obstruct free exchange and innovation.
  • Personal Freedom: Each person has the right to peacefully pursue their own definition of happiness, including owning and using their property to the benefit of self and society.
  • Justice and Due Process: Every individual should be treated impartially in a transparent and equitable legal system that focuses on offenses against individuals or property while promoting individual responsibility and community safety.
  • Education Empowerment: Every parent, child, and teacher must have the opportunity to innovate and individualize education.
  • Privacy: The person and property of each individual is protected from unreasonable searches and seizures, regardless of the existence of a societal expectation of privacy or the use of a third party.