Libertas Institute Staff

Connor Boyack


Michael Melendez

Executive Vice President

Caden Rosenbaum

Senior Policy Analyst

Jon England

Education Policy Analyst

Lee Sands

Local Government Policy Analyst

David Iglesias

State Government Affairs Associate

Jason Chipman

Director of Utah Government Affairs

Rees Empey

Senior Director of State Government Affairs

Amandah Hendricks

Donor Relations Manager

Chris Howse

Grants Specialist

Charles Rickert

Major Gift Officer

John Yelland

Director of Communications

Andrea Ford

Curriculum Specialist

Chad Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer

Dana Ryder

Customer Service Manager

Kyle Buzzard

Sponsorship Manager, Children's Entrepreneur Market

Laura Snell

Project Manager

Lynée Fife

Director, Children’s Entrepreneur Market

Mark Ackerman

Warehouse Manager

Marisa Fox

Content Manager

Quentin Casperson

Marketing Director

Trena Olsen

Executive Assistant