Make an Impact in Your State

Libertas Institute is a public policy think tank that innovates reforms in its home state of Utah, then works with partners to scale them across the country. This page shares several of our first-in-the-nation policy reforms we’d love to help you achieve in your state.

Regulatory Sandboxes

Innovative businesses shouldn’t be punished for thinking outside the box, but they routinely are. This new legal model creates a process where entrepreneurs can safely go to market while regulators and legislators catch up.

Data Privacy

The courts haven’t kept up with the rapid development of technology and how it impacts our privacy, so it’s up to legislators to guarantee basic privacy protections for individuals and the data they generate.

We’ve got more where that came from…

Regulatory sandboxes and data privacy are just two of the issues we’ve pioneered. Want to see more policies that we were the first in the country to innovate and get passed? We’d love to help you work on these ideas as well. Click to expand the list.

Rees Empey, Director of State Government Affairs
Welcome to our outreach page! Our goal is to build partnerships with legislators and organizations across the countries to support them in seeking adoption of this model legislation in every state. If you work with a think tank, advocacy group, or are an elected official, I’d love to connect with you and discuss how we can be helpful to you on one or more of these issues! Please reach out and let’s chat.