HB 100: Higher Education Transparency

This Bill passed the House and Senate unanimously.

Libertas Institute supports this bill.

As the cost of tuition and higher education overall continues to rise, it’s time for colleges and universities to be more forthcoming about the viability of certain degree programs and careers. Taxpayers deserve greater transparency as they fund higher education not only through state taxes, but through federal loans and grants as well.

Representative Kim Coleman is seeking to address this growing concern with House Bill 100. Her bill requires government-run higher education institutions to disclose on their respective websites critical information for prospective students like job placement data, average earnings of graduates, and total costs for degree programs.

It is not only important for students weighing their options between different schools and degree programs to have this kind of information, but also that taxpayers can be aware of the costs and success of the programs of higher education institutions. These disclosures will lead to a more efficient allocation of resources in higher education towards those degree programs which are more successful and provide the appropriate earnings potential that a graduate is seeking.