2024 Bills

HB 180: More Regulations For Short-term Rental Operators

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Libertas Institute opposes this bill

Staff review of the legislation finds that it violates our principles and must therefore be opposed.

Depending on where you live in Utah, you may or may not have the ability to rent out your home to others on a short-term basis. Some cities and counties require special permits, some choose to regulate health, safety, and noise issues, while others ban them nearly outright.

HB 180, sponsored by Representative Gay Lynn Bennion would require every short-term rental operator in the state to get a permit — even for those in jurisdictions who do not want to impose them. Furthermore, the bill requires every short-term rental operator get a sales tax license (even when collection is handled for them by Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.), complete an education course, and start posting their permit numbers on all advertisements. There are other regulations in the bill, some of which are good practice for any short-term rental operator, but when viewed together, represent an undue burden.

Most importantly, from the perspective of freedom and property rights, the bill does not enhance anyone’s rights to operate a short-term rental, but instead features additional regulations.

For these reasons, HB 180 should be opposed.