2019 Bills

HB 207: Remove the Front License Plate Requirement

This bill was held in committee. 

Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it is aligned with our principles and merits support.

When an individual pays to register their vehicle in Utah, they are given two license plates: one for the front of their car, and one for the back. But approximately one in five Utahns only attach the one in the rear, which is illegal. As a secondary offense, it’s a law that is not enforceable unless a police officer pulls an individual over for another driving offense first.

A law requiring front license plates does nothing to help keep drivers safe. Instead, it just costs the drivers who are caught and fined for failing to comply—a slap on the wrist for a technical violation. An average of 1,300 people are ticketed per year for license plate violations, and a significant amount of them are for failing to attach a front license. Why? Many cars don’t have a spot for front license plates, and many others simply aren’t aware the law exists.

To do away with the front license plate requirement, Representative Cheryl Acton is sponsoring House Bill 207. Utah would be joining 19 other states that require just one license plate to be attached to the back of the vehicle.

The front license plate requirement is a law that results in ticketing people at random for something that doesn’t relate to the safety of drivers and their passengers, and for that reason should be repealed.