2021 Bills

HB 308: No Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

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Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it aligns with our principles and should therefore be passed into law.

As COVID-19 vaccines are being rushed through development and into production, many parents have been concerned that the heavy encouragement for and emphasis on vaccination may lead some governments to compel them and their children to obtain a vaccine.

As with any treatment, vaccines do pose risks, and people have personal circumstances that may make them more prone to vaccine risks in general. Further, some are concerned that the emergency authorizations of the COVID-19 vaccines are bypassing longer trials and studies that might provide more data to make more informed decisions about obtaining the vaccine.

Representative Robert Spendlove is sponsoring House Bill 308 to make clear that “a governmental entity may not require, directly or indirectly, that an individual receive an emergency COVID-19 vaccine.”

This mandate also prevents government agencies from requiring such a vaccine as a condition of employment, participation in a government-sponsored activity, or attendance at an event hosted or sponsored by a government entity. 

Importantly, the bill does not address private businesses who retain the right of contract and property to determine the conditions of association with their business. Under passage of this bill, for example, companies could still require an employee to obtain the vaccine — in addition to other preferences they might have, including wearing masks.

HB 308 properly focuses the restriction on governments and protects the freedom to abstain from these vaccines for those who wish to do so.