2024 Bills

SB 143: Improving Veterans Licensure Opportunities

This bill passed the Senate unanimously and is pending House action. Review our tracker for more information.

Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it aligns with our principles and should therefore be passed into law.

SB 143, sponsored by Sen. Balderree, offers a solution to a challenge all too familiar to American uniformed service members — burdensome requirements for occupational licensure renewal. This bill eliminates penalties for renewing expired professional licenses for those on active-duty orders and those who have recently returned from active duty. 

This bill provides service members with a smoother reintegration back into civilian life by eliminating unnecessary obstacles.

This bill acknowledges the unnecessary stress that returning service members endure when they navigate bureaucratic obstacles to renew their professional credentials.

Impact on Military Families

Data from the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) shows that military families endure unnecessary financial strain. Over three-quarters of military and veteran family respondents are in debt, with over half lamenting the myriad barriers to saving money.

These statistics underscore the urgent need to address barriers to economic stability for military families, including those tackled by SB 143. Military families often navigate the complexities of deployments, relocations, and the demands of military life while simultaneously striving for financial stability.

The added burden of licensing fees and renewal requirements exacerbates their challenges, and hinders their ability to pursue meaningful careers and provide for their families. By removing these barriers, SB 143 not only eases the transition for service members but also enhances the overall well-being of military families and strengthens communities.

The Economic Implication

The drive to support military families through licensing reforms is gaining momentum nationwide. In 2022, 49 bills across 22 states were introduced, with 25 successfully passed, all aimed at easing licensing barriers for veterans, military personnel, and their spouses

These legislative measures include reducing fees, granting license portability, and recognizing the equivalent value of military training for civilian licensing. This movement highlights the recognition of the need to support service members in their transition to civilian life.

The Vital Impact

SB 143 represents a step forward in honoring the commitment of military service members and their families. By easing the bureaucratic licensing barriers they face, gratitude for their service is reaffirmed, support as they transition back to civilian life is demonstrated, and our local economies are strengthened. Let us stand together in support of SB 143 and uphold the values of service, sacrifice, and solidarity that define the nation.