2024 Bills

SB 47: Encouraging High School Entrepreneurs

This bill passed the House and Senate unanimously. Review our tracker for more information.

Libertas Institute supports this bill

Staff review of this legislation finds that it aligns with our principles and should therefore be passed into law.

Back in 2017, we helped pass SB 81, a law nicknamed the “lemonade stand law”. The law helped child entrepreneurs wishing to mow lawns, operate a lemonade stand, or other occasional businesses by eliminating requirements that they first obtain licenses or permits.

By eliminating this hurdle, children throughout Utah now have the opportunity to learn about hard work and the free market, without having to pay the fees or go through the hassle associated with obtaining permits.

SB 47, sponsored by Senator Heidi Balderree, expands the lemonade stand law to include 18- year-olds who are still in high school. With this small change, high school students who are engaged in entrepreneurship aren’t faced with red tape and fees while they are finishing up their last year of school.

Similarly, this change helps high school seniors who wish to participate in high school entrepreneurship programs who are already 18.

Youth entrepreneurship should be encouraged and SB 47 deserves support.