2023 Bills

New Bill Makes it Easier for Workers Moving to Utah

Senate Bill 35, sponsored by  Senator Curtis Bramble, will reduce barriers to obtaining an occupational license and will make it easier for workers to move to Utah and immediately enter their professional field.

Specifically, this legislation will allow for the more efficient issuance of a Utah occupational license to a person who has come to Utah internationally or from a different state. Issuing a license to these persons will occur if (1) they have at least one year of experience practicing the licensed occupation and their education, experience, and skills demonstrate competency or (2) if their previous jurisdictions’ licensing requirements were substantively similar to those in Utah when their previous license was issued.

Additionally, this legislation creates a pathway for a person who did not previously hold an occupational license to receive one. A person in this scenario could become licensed if it is determined that their education and experience are substantively similar to what is required for that profession in Utah.

Now, this legislative idea may sound familiar. That is because during Utah’s 2022 general legislative session, legislation that allowed the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to issue occupational licenses in this manner passed. This year’s bill will expand the number of departments that have the ability to utilize this licensing process to other licensing agencies and departments like the Department of Environmental Quality, the Department of Health and Human Services, etc.

Senate Bill 35 also enacts the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact and enacts the PA Licensure Compact. These compacts also work to increase the mobility of licensed professionals and should help ensure Utah has enough professionals to fill crucial roles in the labor market.

We applaud Senator Bramble for continuing to reduce occupational licensing barriers.