2015 Bills

HB48: Banning Adults from Possessing Powdered Alcohol

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Libertas Institute opposes this bill.

A recent innovation allows individuals to add powdered alcohol to food or a beverage—a substance that has been banned in six states. Several other states are including a ban.

That list includes Utah, courtesy of House Bill 48, sponsored by Representative Steve Eliason. The legislation would prohibit individuals from using or even possessing powdered alcohol.

According to The Associated Press, Rep. Eliason argues, “We’re simply trying to get ahead of the curve.”

As noted by the powdered alcohol’s creator in the AP article, outright prohibition of alcohol was a complete and costly failure, as is the case with the modern “war on drugs.” We contend that adults should be free to obtain and ingest this substance if they so desire—and a complete ban on that activity smacks of a heavy-handed nanny state, which we strongly oppose.

For more on the economic aspects of prohibition, and why bans don’t work (and often include very negative economic and social costs), read this free book.