Education Empowerment

Model Policy: AI and Education


The objective of this policy is to promote the responsible use of AI in K-12 classrooms. The policy aims to enhance students’ understanding of AI, encourage critical thinking, and ensure that AI is used as a tool for improvement rather than a substitute for their own work.


    1. Students are prohibited from relying solely on AI-generated information for their assignments. All assignments must be either a student’s own work or a combination of AI-generated content/support and the student’s own work. 
    2. Limitations should be imposed on teachers’ use of AI-detection software to prevent an overreliance on automated detection without considering the context or understanding the student’s learning process.

Supportive Measures:

No punitive measures will be taken against students who solely rely on AI. Instead, they will be given an opportunity to redo the assignment with guidance and support from the teacher or other qualified adults. When appropriate, students should be guided and taught how to use AI as a resource to create a new assignment, promoting active engagement and critical thinking.

Best Practices:

  1. Teachers should provide regular and individualized feedback to students on their assignments, highlighting areas for improvement and encouraging critical analysis of AI-generated content. 
  2. Assignments should include a requirement for students to disclose how, if at all, AI was used on any assignment, which will foster transparency and accountability in the learning process. 
  3. Ongoing support and professional development opportunities should be provided to teachers and students, including access to industry experts who can provide guidance on ethical AI use.

Encouraging Creativity and Experimentation:

The policy recognizes the importance of fostering a creative and experimental approach to using AI in assignments under the guidance of a teacher or other qualified individual. Students should be encouraged to explore different AI tools and techniques, while always considering the ethical implications, critical analysis, and seeking appropriate guidance.


This policy seeks to integrate AI into assignments while upholding ethical standards and promoting critical thinking. By ensuring a balanced approach to AI usage and providing support and guidance to both students and teachers, we aim to empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage AI effectively while maintaining their own intellectual growth and development.

Please note that this is a draft policy, and it may require further review and adjustments to align with the specific requirements and guidelines of your school.