Education Empowerment

Opposition to School Choice is Crumbling

Critics of school choice have learned a valuable lesson. They cannot stop the school choice movement.  

Opponents have tried to stop legislation from being passed. They couldn’t do it. 

School choice foes tried to convince parents to sign petitions halting education scholarships. Parents weren’t interested in signing. 

In a last ditch effort, enemies to education freedom are stooping to legal action to halt the movement.

A week ago, Save our Schools Arizona (the group gathering signatures against school choice) announced that they likely did not gather enough signatures to put Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship up for referendum. 

The group only needed to gather about 119,000 signatures of the 5.5 million adults living in Arizona. That bar is fairly low.

West Virginia is facing a different type of opposition from outside of its state. Groups led by the Southern Poverty Law Center and The Education Law Center filed suit against the Hope Scholarship. The groups know that parents want choice. Instead they found a friendly judge who put a stop to the Hope Scholarship. Parents are now waiting for the West Virginia Supreme Court to rule on the Hope Scholarship.

We know one thing: opposition to school choice is crumbling.