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The Beauty of Microschools

Microschools. You may have heard of them. But what are they, and are there any near you?

What is a microschool?

Microschools are small, private educational havens that are redefining the education landscape. Picture a place where tuition is affordable. With student bodies ranging from 5–150 students, microschools offer class sizes that are intimate, and where flexibility reigns supreme.

Microschools are becoming the catch-all term for the explosion of innovative schools and learning centers across the country. Sometimes called learning pods, pandemic pods, or even a one-room schoolhouse, microschools are redefining what it means to go to school.

How are microschools different from traditional schools?

Microschools encompass a captivating range of educational styles, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for every student. Some look like homeschool co-ops, while others have a more traditional setting. These schools create unique identities. Some microschools venture into the great outdoors, immersing students in nature for 80–90 percent of their day. Others adopt a learner-centered approach, putting the student’s curiosity and interests at the core of their educational journey. There are also microschools with set curricula, offering a balance of structure and personalization. 

Who starts a microschool?

These educational pioneers dare to dream differently, creating small, nimble institutions. Founders of these schools can focus on very specific students, creating schools for students with autism and ADHD, while others have a general focus of improving student leadership.

These schools offer a variety of options in curriculum with some focusing on individualized learning, while others use a specific education philosophy to teach. Some schools provide flexibility to parents by using hybrid models where students only take one or two classes a week while parents provide the rest. Some are full time with students attending four to five days a week. The variety of models provides a diverse marketplace for parents to find the right fit for their child.  

Are there microschools near me?

Microschools are popping up all over the country, and chances are, there is one near you. In Utah, there are schools all along the Wasatch Front, but they are also in small towns like Vernal and Moab. To find the right microschool for your child, start by reaching out to your community. Ask fellow parents, explore local networks, and tap into the knowledge of those around you. The magic of microschools lies in their unique offerings, so take the time to research their curricula, teaching styles, and activities.

When choosing the ideal microschool for your child, consider your child’s individual needs, interests, and aspirations. Look for a microschool that aligns with your family’s values and offers an atmosphere that fits your child. You’ll discover the microschool that feels like a tailor-made educational home that will send your child on an adventure filled with endless possibilities.

So, take the leap, join the movement, and embark on an educational adventure that will shape your child’s future. Your local microschool is waiting to welcome your family with open arms.