Education Empowerment

Top 3 Takeaways from Hybrid Schools Conference

If the education your child is receiving doesn’t match the greatness and potential that you see in them, you have options.

At the end of April, I spent two days in Atlanta attending the Hybrid Schools Conference. Here are three things I learned.

  1. The founders come from diverse backgrounds and values. I met founders who were creating Classical Christian schools and secular schools. There were Black founders and White founders. There were religious founders and LGBTQ founders. And they all came together to support each other.
  2. The schools that they create are as diverse as the founders themselves. Many are focused on individualizing the education for the children. There were so many founders who were focused on students with autism, students with ADHD, and some that were focused on neurodivergent students. There were schools that met two days a week and some that met five days a week. And in some parts of the country, these founders have organized themselves and will direct possible students from their school to one that may fit the student’s needs and values.
  3. Low-cost private schools are popping up around the world in some of the most impoverished and war-torn parts of the world. In Lagos, almost 70 percent of parents choose private schools, most of them low-cost compared to the “free” government-run schools. Why? Because these schools are better than the government schools and close to their homes.

At the end of the day, this whole group was a community — a community that came together despite their differences. They were cheering one another on in their efforts. The parents that they serve are lucky to have these options available to them.