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Legislator Profile: Representative Lee Perry

Name: Lee Perry
Type: Representative
Party: Republican
No longer in office

Libertas Legislator Index Rankings

The following rating measures how consistently this legislator votes in support of individual liberty, private property, and free enterprise. To learn more, see the main index page.

2014201520162017201820192020 Overall Rating
57%43%37%19%30%54%52.5% 42%

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Sponsored Ranked Bills

This legislator was the sponsor of the following bills, which were ranked by Libertas Institute in their respective year's Legislator Index.

  • HB79: Safety Belt Law Amendments (2015)
    This bill allows police officers to now pull a person over for not wearing a seat belt as a primary offense. Previous to this change, not wearing a seat belt was only a secondary offense, meaning that police could not pull you over simply for not wearing a seat belt.

    While we certainly believe that people should wear seat belts, this decision is a personal and property one, for the driver of the car to determine for him or herself, along with mandating their use for any passengers they may have. If the prospect of harm or death is not already a deterrent, harassment and fines by the police won't be.

    This bill passed the House 41-32 and passed the Senate 16-11. Libertas supports a "nay" vote.

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