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Legislator Profile: Representative Carol Spackman Moss

Name: Carol Spackman Moss
Type: Representative
Party: Democrat
District: 34
Mobile: 801-647-8764

Libertas Legislator Index Rankings

The following rating measures how consistently this legislator votes in support of individual liberty, private property, and free enterprise. To learn more, see the main index page.

20142015201620172018201920202021202220232024 Overall Rating
43%43%50%55%35%30%43%59%44%54%66% 47%

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Sponsored Ranked Bills

This legislator was the sponsor of the following bills, which were ranked by Libertas Institute in their respective year's Legislator Index.

  • HB101: Distracted Driver Amendments (2020)
    This bill would have criminalized the mere holding of a phone by a person operating a vehicle, even if it wasn't being used.

    This bill passed the House 40-32 and received an initial Senate vote of 19-8, but did not receive its final vote. Libertas supports a "nay" vote.
  • HB13: Distracted Driver Amendments (2019)
    This bill would have criminalized the mere holding of a cell phone while operating a vehicle.

    This bill failed in the House 32-41. Libertas supports a "nay" vote.
  • HB221: Barriers for opt-out of mandatory vaccines (2016)
    This bill would have imposed more barriers for parents wishing to adopt their children out of mandatory vaccination requirements.

    This bill passed the House 38-37, but was changed in the Senate to a better version and did not receive a concurrence vote in the House. Libertas Institute supports a "nay" vote, as this vote by the House was for a bad bill that would have imposed unfair and unnecessary requirements on parents wishing to exercise their natural rights.

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