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Legislator Profile: Representative Ryan Wilcox

Name: Ryan Wilcox
Type: Representative
Party: Republican
District: 7
Mobile: 385-600-3306

Libertas Legislator Index Rankings

The following rating measures how consistently this legislator votes in support of individual liberty, private property, and free enterprise. To learn more, see the main index page.

20142021202220232024 Overall Rating
91%100%77%100%91% 92%

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Sponsored Ranked Bills

This legislator was the sponsor of the following bills, which were ranked by Libertas Institute in their respective year's Legislator Index.

  • HB57: Law Enforcement Investigation Amendments (2023)
    This bill put warrant restrictions on how law enforcement can use a "geofence" search to find someone's historical location from a cell phone company.

    This bill passed both chambers unanimously. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.
  • HB171: Custodial Interrogation Amendments (2022)
    This bill prohibited law enforcement officers from lying to minors about about evidence in order to elicit an incriminating response from the child.

    This bill passed the legislature unanimously. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.
  • HB128: Electronic Device Location Amendments (2014)
    This bill requires law enforcement officers to obtain a warrant if they wish to "obtain the location information, stored data, or transmitted data of an electronic device." Technologies exist that allow Utah police to bulk collect geolocation of people's cell phones, so this bill restricts their use and requires government agents to purge data on people who are not identified in the warrant.

    Libertas Institute supported this bill. Short of an emergency situation, no law enforcement officer should have access to a person's cell phone data without consent or without a warrant.

    This bill passed the House 71-2 and passed the Senate unanimously. Libertas supports a "yea" vote.

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