Limited and Open Government

Yes Virginia, There is a Limited Government

Yes Virginia, there is a limited government

It’s my pleasure to answer this age-old question that we hear from time to time. Is it even possible to have a limited government? We have supporters who are ridiculed by their little friends about living in a fantasy. “There is no such thing as a small government,” they say.

Your little friends are wrong.

They have been affected by the pessimism that comes with consuming mass media 24/7. They do not believe anything except what they see on TikTok.

A limited government exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist. How dreary would the world be if inevitably every government was doomed to become large, bloated, and tyrannical? History has shown us time and time again what mankind can do to stop the trend right in its tracks.

Why does government become so large? Because society chooses it. Whether through elections, supporting the latest coup by an incoming dictator, or justifying every new dollar the government spends.

And how does a government remain or become small? Because the people choose it.

Not believe in small government! You might as well not believe in the potential of the human race, our increasing ability to care for others, or even Santa Claus! Nobody “sees” a small government, but you can quite simply participate in one. Oftentimes, it starts in your local community, changing your little corner of society for the betterment of your neighbors.

If the people choose to usher a tyrannical government into existence, it will happen. But if they choose to embrace the principles of private property, free enterprise, and the rule of law, then a small government can thrive.

You may tear apart your iPhone to see how it works, but there is a veil covering the unseen world of civics which not the strongest or smartest men could ever unearth. Only faith, fancy, poetry, charity, philosophy, and Austrian economics can push aside that curtain and view the supernal beauty and glory beyond. It is all real!

Limited government lives now and will live forever. The question is what will you do to bring more of it to your family and society?

*Thanks to Francis Pharcellus Church