Policy Analysis

Findings and Recommendations of the Utah Flexible Benefits Working Group

Authored by Dr. Liya Palagashvili of the Mercatus Institute at George Mason University and Caden Rosenbaum, Senior Policy Analyst at Libertas Institute

The report outlines the findings and recommendations of the Flexible Benefits Working Group, chaired by Senator John Johnson and Representative Ryan Wilcox.

Comprising industry leaders, academics, and government officials, the group examined SB 233, Utah’s voluntary portable benefit law for independent contractors. While SB 233 aimed to enable firms to contribute to portable benefit plans for contractors, challenges remain, including federal regulation and weak economic incentives.

Despite legal uncertainties, the group’s consensus on SB 233’s potential was positive. Recommendations focus on strengthening the economic rationale for benefit contributions, emphasizing state-level reforms to support independent contractors’ access to benefits.

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